Monday, May 11

Tiffany to open the door to the key

Secret Garden Keys, guardian of the ancient history, or open a new section of the journey?

At this point with彼时

Dust-laden, open, "key" meaning the end or the beginning also. It has been given too much meaning, or open a door, or reveal the history, or open a new journey. Tiffany treasures in company stock, there are specifically for a "key" to open the region, the key sizes are displayed, has been used to open the jewelry box, souvenir boxes, photo albums, diaries and cartons, and even private clubs and Village Hall door. These will be the key reason why the Tiffany collection is due to its long history. Have a certain age, an experienced goldsmith, a silversmith with both hands to create the keys, and there is no lack of classical Linglong unique charm. Each of the depths of a key, you can dig out a meaningful story.

Tiffany Keys series from the collection of "key" to draw inspiration, the story of the year through the Tiffany brand highly symbolic pendant or Charm to find a new positioning, new interpretation. Tiffany Keys Series experience, a strong blow against our faces U.S. style, simple construction, the shape does not burdensome to that straightforward,乍现exhaustive expose of glory, took an instant feeling of dream in my heart, want to open a section of China and the United States journey.

Cumbersome and artificial娇柔leaving just for the sake of clear concise, harmony, proportion and well-organized, able to manipulate natural things extracted from the inspiration of nature. Tiffany Keys family tradition continues with this design style, eclectic, flying in a circular or oval-shaped ring on the chain, different material 18K gold pendant, rose gold, diamond-studded platinum and silver by Tiffany artisans Seiko secret agents, the traditional "key" here it is a new interpretation of the Tiffany Keys each design unique and there is no lack of elegance funny scene. The shape of medals, the success of signal to reach the other side of the confidence and commitment; romantic heart-shaped key, it seemed that it was in keeping with the faithful love of the mysterious; Hanagata poetic "key" is full of female beauty; In addition, the mosaic diamonds flashing "key", but also brought the world the distinctive luxury. Wanton with, whether it is worn alone or layered with, Tiffany Keys can quietly meet, for the Smart Ladies of inborn temperament with fashion, quietly guarded secret.

Open the door of memory

Tiffany Keys series of lessons from the history of nutrients, the Tiffany tradition of simplicity, harmony and elegance of style uncertainties. Since the 19th century, 30's, "American culture" the popular, the impact of the ornate Victorian affectation, deeply implanted in the Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young of the thinking, Tiffany design has not changed.

In 1902, the company opened an entire floor space for the first Tiffany's design director, the company founder's son - Louis • • Comfort Tiffany's works, showing the company of designers Tiffany attention. After Tiffany has worked with each designer's unique style all their own, decorating the Tiffany's long history of Art and Design is also a glorious page in history.

Let隆伯杰∙ History will be flowers, birds, marine life and other natural objects, metamorphosed into a dazzling, unparalleled anywhere in the world of jewelry. ∙ Creation柏瑞蒂ELSA to heart-shaped, bones, apples, lentils, tears, starfish and other forms from nature, so that My Fair Lady temperament even more touching. Paloma Picasso introduced ∙ colorful ornaments, so that a new generation of fashion pioneers are dumping it. Architect Frank Gehry introduced ∙ ∙ Frank Gehry design series, whether precious metal or stone timber, is portrayed as one by one smoothly curved shape, and ultimately become a unique creative, totally natural jewelry.

Memory has opened the door, Tiffany along the way "American culture" is still being passed, the new design - Tiffany Keys series, the same design heritage of the essence of the Tiffany, is using a new "key" to open personality Tiffan Fashion the door.

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