Sunday, July 18

fashion style of bvlgari ring

Bvlgari Corona ring series to a new interpretation of contemporary style, is displaying the classic claw Xiang Block: Block Xiang closely independence diamonds. The name of the series of Bvlgari jewellery is reminiscent of the diamond jewellery unique design, this design inspired jewellery by corona shape (Italian: Corolla), and flowers soft curve profile. These are a symbol of ancient Rome, the wedding when the bride wore a white wedding dress, covered with velarium flammeum (orange veil), wore a delicate wreath, standing on the altar. And this series matching wedding ring is platinum or gold materials used, and designed a perfect "V"-shaped curved contour, and a diamond and dense diamond styles. The Corona series also includes pendant necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Bvlgari Marryme ring series of bold bold style, with architectural features, the perfect proportion of elegant diamond engagement ring given to a mature atmosphere. Platinum Phyllostachys seat and bright style that diamonds cut diamonds brighten the perfect match of the series of wedding ring have different carat sizes for customers to choose. This series includes platinum Jin Jingdian styles and designs of diamonds or diamond wedding ring close.

Bvlgari Griffe diamond series is the model of refined elegance, showing the natural light of the diamond. Block Xiang perfect classic design highlights the brilliant single dazzling diamond, diamond ring to make more beautiful eye-catching. The series of diamond jewellery have used a variety of cutting methods for customers to choose and shape of the diamond cutting shapes include: round, octagonal, oval, heart, pear, square, and Princess Margaret Lam tapered shape. In addition, the series of jewellery includes necklace, earrings and bracelets.

There are also many unique design of the classic series that
Bvlgari more colorful bridal jewellery, these design features distinctive and modern style. Flexible and subtle decorative square had a more attractive combination of brilliance - Lucea series was born. The series of elegant style wedding ring is platinum, two square pattern formed by the surrounding and diamond, set off the middle of round cut diamonds. The other a platinum wedding ring is a central mosaic carats of diamonds inlaid around the side of two square cut diamonds. B.zero1 central to a brilliant series of wedding ring cut diamond ring with a unique double Bvlgari logo, is the original novel, unique contemporary engagement ring. B.zero1 single ring has become the classic wedding ring, gold ring, a total of three kinds of material which optional. Classic wedding ring Eternity Bands eternal series of gold, platinum two materials, the secret by a group of exquisite diamond modification. Bvlgari Bulgari Eternity Bands series, a timeless material for the platinum inlaid rectangular cut diamonds, platinum and the other one was a rectangular cut sapphire and diamond inlay. It also includes a more classic style, such as: round brilliant cut diamonds with a delicate modern look of the ring. Classic and fashion, the integration of tradition and innovation creates Parentesi Series ring. The series focuses openwork design effects, prominent physical and permeability contrast, platinum and gold engagement ring material thin compact and easy to match.