Monday, May 25

Really jewellery,Really bvlgari rings

Coincidentally, a collection of traditional family bvlgari rings since 1960 until now, almost a quarterly basis in the new products will join the antique elements. "These not fake, but really comes from the ancient Greek period, or the antique Napoleonic era, combined with the design to retain the integrity of the old so that the mosaic old accessories collection with a higher value. "BVLGARI brand representatives Miss Nie said.
Distant history of an antique clock
Compared to antique jewelry, antique clocks, lower visibility.
Three years ago, the world's top watches Vacheron Constantin in Beijing organized a large collection of antique watches and clocks show the 84 absolutely beautiful antique clocks from the Geneva Museum of History, to Beijing, scale and valuable. I remember one particularly worth mentioning is that the 15 started in the early nineteenth century is rich in beautiful Chinese style design, or they are inspired by Chinese elements designed for, or specifically for the Chinese royal family and in particular custom.
If the retrospective history of antique clocks and watches will find that China's manufacturing antique clocks from the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty to the Ming Dynasty in China have reached a very high level of large, heavy hammer fall with the West in order to force as a driving force is different, our country is based on the early minutes of sand , water as a driving force. Therefore, China is now the inspiration comes from antique clocks active in the market. The sixth is located in Suzhou in the art of living space Square clock line Teana, the reporter found a Seiko manufactured by Japan to the Northern Song era "clock tower" of inspiration for the design of an antique clock. The reason why its named "long" because the clock tower has been the invention of the period 900 years ago. SEIKO Jin, chairman of the western Sichuan, the front of this antique clock has not to water as a driving force, but used in place of high-precision steel ball to ball falling water driving force to rotate and thereby escape wheel drive to ensure that the precise traveltime. "Now prices of 377,400 yuan." In addition, the first invention of John Harrison in 1736 nautical bell grasshopper is now a source of inspiration for the master clocks. Shop in Suzhou, with a 150-year history and is willing to bell Micronesia Managing Director Mr Simon Barker live demonstration of the "grasshopper clock" of the assembly. Sophisticated, all hand-made parts and components, "carefree" swinging the balance of rod ... ... have conveyed the value of antiques and charm bell. No wonder people say - there are two men-loving aristocracy, first, to play cars, and second, playing watches.

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