Tuesday, January 8

freeze dryer--Drying Oven/Incubator

1. Stainless steel inner chamber; foursquare semicircle transition; flexible positioning and removable shelf, Freeze Dryer lateral plate and bottom heater covering are easy assembly and disassembly for convenient cleaning.
2. Micro-computer high-brightness digital or liquid crystal temperature controller, which has functions of timing and over-temperature protection.
3. Adjustable fan speed; set blowing rate as needs to meet the multiple requirements of experiment.
4. Independent temperature safety device; auto alarm and heating suspend when ULT Deep freezer main controller fails to work, which provide double protection to ensure experiment run safely and no accident would happen.
5. Door with wide double-glass observation window, adjustable air-tight buckle lock and silicon rubber seal which efficiently prevent heat loss.
Optional accessories:
a. Desk printer;
b. Laboratory Incubator Liquid crystal screen temperature controller: Optional long-distance control system.

Main Technical Parameters:

Model voltage
(V) Tem.variation
(℃) Tem.
(℃) Tem.dist-
ability(℃) Ambient tem.
(℃) Drying power
(W) Working
GP-30BE 220V/50HZ
A:As incubator
B:As drying oven

B:±1℃ 0.1℃ 5-35℃ 800 300
GP-45BE 1200 300
GP-65BE 1600 400
GP-125BE 2300 600
GP-230BE 3000 700
Model Interior dimensions
W×D×H(mm) Exterior dimensions
W×D×H(mm) Packaging dimensions
W×D×H(mm) Load per rack Gross/net weight(kg)
GP-30BE 310×310×310 460×510×695 550×570×765 15/kg 2 for standard configuration 39/51
GP-45BE 350×350×350 500×550×735 620×585×800 42/56

550×550×840 640×640×905 47/60
GP-125BE 500×450×550 636×680×915 730×720×1000 56/71
GP-230BE 600×500×750 730×670×1220 900×800×1350 70/115

Saturday, January 5

Dried foods by Freeze Dryer have a long shelf life

They also require minimal preparation and revitalize quickly. In addition, the total weight of the product is reduced because 98 percent of the water is removed from the food. This makes it easy to store and to carry, if necessary. Not just for astronaut food, freeze drying other foods is also fairly popular.
ULT Deep freezer fruit is often used as a snack for people on the go. ULT Deep freezer food is also popular for people who are serious about hiking, the benefit being that they can carry more food with less weight, and perishable food will last a lot longer. This serves as a big benefit when you are hiking in the mountains for days.
Find a mesh metal tray. The tray should have some holes or the Freeze Dryer process will take longer. These can be found at any restaurant supply store. Next, cut the apple or potato into very thin slices. The thinner the slice, the less time the process will take. Arrange the slices on the tray and place in freezer.
The food that we eat here on earth – the surface of which is characterized by certain qualities of ambient air pressure, moisture and gravity – is different from the gastronomical conditions that astronauts experience in space. Their Laboratory Incubator atmospheric pressure is made to simulate ours, and there is also moisture in their air, but they haven’t figured out a way to simulate gravity, which changes the eating equation entirely.

Temperature can be controlled for different using

Temperature can either be controlled electrically application heating mats by Freeze Dryer on the shelves, or by circulating oil through pipes anchored to the shelves in the chamber. The temperature of the chamber, shelves (and/or heating oil), additional condenser anatomy allotment of the ascendancy and ecology variables. The exhaustion burden is abstinent with a Pirani gauge.
The dust stratification to the ULT Deep freezer surface from the wind condense must be eliminated regularly by making use of compressed air whose circulation rate and compression force can not be also substantial. A single really should observe and report the data on the instrument four times intended for each operate shift.
The critical phase is the heating phase where the rate at which the water boils off must be slow enough not to damage the product. During this phase, the vacuum is held constant to give consistent conditions. The Laboratory Incubator temperature ramp has to be held if the vacuum rises too much, indicating that the water is coming off too fast.