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Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized

Actress Lucy Liu attends the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store on June 25, 2009 in New York City.
Actress Lucy Liu attends the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store on June 25, 2009 in New York City.
(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images North America)
Actress Blake Lively and Senior Vice President of Marketing of Swarovski Markus Lampe attend the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store on June 25, 2009 in New York City.
Actress Blake Lively and Senior Vice President of Marketing of Swarovski Markus Lampe attend the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store on June 25, 2009 in New York City.
Model Jessica Hart attends the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store on June 25, 2009 in New York City.
Model Jessica Hart attends the Swarovski Crystallized Concept store grand opening at Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store on June 25, 2009 in New York City.

Monday, June 22

Dior launched a new purple Purple Rubber watch crystal diamond

Purple Rubber
Following the drilling Dior crystal rubber sheet series, following the spring 2008 launch of the most eye-catching red charm with the classic blue, the new 2009 drilling Purple Rubber watch crystal violet was also a grand debut. When the rubber strap is given vitality purple luxury, the kind of personality beyond the self into the bottom of my heart the moment. Whether in the passion, the movement of hot or party in the ultimate luxury, it is the envy of all the eye-catching focal point. "Purple, the color of the King" - christian Dior Only when you really into purple world, you can understand why it has become the favorite color Dior. Purple, is the fashion world in 2009 the main color. Purple is the crystallization of the red and blue. When the active and passive red blue met, the enthusiasm and Cold fusion in an instant, transform the most brilliant eye-catching purple. Its blood flow with two distinct but highly compatible forces,heart of the gas market, people can not help in such detail in the temptation to indulge extravagant. Dior Purple Crystal Diamond Table Series You ran here reflected the Dior christal Purple Rubber watch, as a charming and elegant companion, gently on the wrist,the comfort of fine light touch of the vibrant avant-garde and fashion design, so that the purple of the most unlimited potential. Purple new extended 38mm chronograph rubber legendary success, fully Dior purple flowing style and charm. In the following drilling Dior christal Amethyst crystal amethyst jewelry watches after the success of high-level, in the continuation of purple Dior watch in legend, with the fall 2009 Dior clothing series complement each other, with the High order brand Dior same spirit.
 Senior Dior jewelry watches christal Purple Rubber 38mm Purple Crystal Diamond Chronograph, table inlaid ring of 76 crystal Diamond pure, unique pyramid-shaped diamond-cutting technology for other shows with the three-dimensional sense of the fine. Especially when drought limits leisurely charm of the dial here, radiates with stunning color, so that people forget in a trance in the boundaries of time. US-14 to perfect purple sapphire crystal embellishment which add radiance to each other, full of the most noble and elegant temperament. Pure purple high-precision rubber sheet also mounted onto a square of a row of purple sapphire crystal, show its new luxury style of movement. Dior watches have the rubber strap industry-leading technology, fully demonstrated the perfect combination of different materials of the charm, the unique three-tier folding buckle Sapphire firmly locked, the strong quality assurance experience will definitely give you the most safe and comfortable fun sport. Dior christal Purple Rubber fine watch will be the ultimate fusion of the Miao-like connotations of the richest colors, and create a purely perfect harmony. Mysterious and romantic Purple Rubber, will always be your best choice for self-shining.

Wednesday, June 17

My Boyfirend with bvlgari rings

love bvlgari 拍攝的 Bvlgari B.Zeor.1 Hoop Earrings with Gem golden_LRG。
The first bvlgar ring is the first love of her boyfriend sent in the day we parted. He took out two identical bvlgari rings , style is the kind of neutral, he said that we would have walked into church one day. Do not know when later, in which an inexplicably disappeared, leaving only a solitary one. Doomed fate in the original is not a right. Another one is a man's. A gathebvlgari rings of the table, he said "Who can help me to take off this bvlgar ring, I would marry her." When we are all just a joke, one by one to test, resulting in only half of his off to shouting "Yo ah, no, no, too much pain the last ......" my turn, I said," You have to fingers desperately want to use the idea of thinning, thinning, we must desperately want to. " He really shut all apparent seriousness. bvlgari rings is indeed very tight, I do not know how he had set up, and said to rub the soapy water too. I transferred a few ook he did not, I would with the other hand pull the skin on his fingers slowly down off, do not know whether his ideas played a role, even when I pick them. He put it into my hands, whispered "Haosheng keep the bar for me." He later became my husband, because I fell in love with his dark hair and a beautiful pair of hands in the piano-like appearance flu, as well as cover his wide shoulders, a favorite in my shirt below DKNY , and from time to time, let me breathe perfume CD unique flavor of a mature man.
love bvlgari 拍攝的 Bvlgari Bulgari Inspired Astrale Ring_LRG。
Marriage when he said with a smile, "I do not bvlgari rings the other day you have to send it?" I finally became a captive of his jokes. But until today I still stubbornly wore DKNY, men fragrance with CD. Only a late third bvlgar ring. After divorce, a winter, occasionally encountered in the streets love college boyfriend of three years, not five years, he has a little old nowadays. In the Christmas Eve that year, he set to bvlgari rings in my hands, and then said "Do you remember? Today, we understand the full 8 years. I know that everything has changed now, but this is the promise I have, Today is also a bar. "8 years ago, we in the school Christmas party on the understanding, then we do not have the money Hou, but let love instant noodles has become a delicacy.
love bvlgari 拍攝的 Gucci 18 Ct White Gold Necklace_LRG。
He came back to my internship a pigtail bvlgari rings straw, he said that he must give me money to buy a beautiful bvlgar ring. But that night, he only trimmed diamond bvlgar ring set in my hands, I would like to tell him that some swear fact that there is no way we waiting for, just as we have no way waiting for time and the passage of time. This is now the hands of the boyfriend to take me to the market. I just chose that day only the cheapest. Was naive thinking that the gap between the age and character and does not affect what I do not care he was just a poor journalist, and that attracted me is he did not even have a corner of the earth have set foot in a rat hole. I am so full of worship to appreciate his film, reading his literary talent. But now he no interest to me the legend of Indian tribes, I do not have a first in love river curiosity and excitement, as if everything is lost light, the love only patience and wait ....... I am still waiting for it? I will have a new bvlgar ring you?

Star celebrity favorite jewelry Cartier Trinity-1

Cartier Inspired double rings bracelet gold - Click Image to Close
Beginning of the twentieth century, Trinity was born the beginning of history has become a classic jewelry treasures. Three-ring connected to the expression of friendship between platinum, gold symbolizes loyalty, love rose gold interpretations - Trinity introverted but intrinsic simplicity of the design of meaningful, it has become the history of Cartier classic synonymous with long-lasting, but also as the world's most One of the famous rings. After 85 set, Trinity and then that handed down the split for a new look to a series of re-interpretation of the immortal classical works, played the "Cartier Trinity was" a prelude.

Trinity: the classical heritage

Continuation of the legend and the myth of Trinity, Trinity works carried on the new neoclassical style aesthetic, but also for tri-color ring into a more agile and more modern of the emotional connotation of personality - tri-color light swaying posture of Health, quietly describe: the love, is a non-paying, life-long responsibility to protect; friendship is a life-sharing, shared commitments; loyalty, is the trials and hardships, a firm dedicated recourse. This blend of three beautiful melodies out of the picture of life, but also records for each person under the personal growth process. Carries on the love, friendship and loyalty based, Trinity sounds out the story of the growth of each, representing the specific expression of your personality.

Monday, June 15

New Jewellry New Tiffany

Return to Tiffany double heart pendant

Return to Tiffany double heart pendant

Return to tiffany Mini heart tags drop necklace

Return to tiffany Mini heart tags drop necklace

Tiffany 1837 circle charm and bracelet H221

Tiffany 1837 circle charm and bracelet H221

Tiffany Airplane charm and bracelet H234

Tiffany Airplane charm and bracelet H234

Between Eternity and History by Bulgari

From bvlgari jewellery

20, in a series of magnificent typical Roman, the first by restrospective jeweler Bulgari hosted an open background, the famous Roman palace Dell Esposizioni.

Exhibition, the history and the eternal, announced earlier in the evening, followed by dinner sparkling Custer St. Angel (or Hadrian’s tomb).

From bvlgari jewellery

BVLGARI rings 125
See more from the exhibition sumptous Bulgari archives

The activities of sparkling live guests, including Gina Lollobrigida, a brilliant Chloe Sevigny and some members of Italy’s main family dynasty, including Fendi Rainey, Saint Dominic Versace and Missoni all Margerita - provides an appropriate tribute to the decadent, 125 years of eternal body jewelry design from Italy.

Sotaris set up by the Greek goldsmith help in 1884, the man behind the brand was later changed his name in an appropriate nod to his inspiration for the design of Latin America. Bvlgari after birth, and the advantages of Bulgari, jewelers began to advantage.

There are many choices of watches,bvlgari rings,chokers,bvlgari bracelets and bvlgari earrings(of which many of the same covetable items) are on display in the palace, taken mainly from the Bulgari archives of the library - use a variety of works with all types of private owners.

Of course there are a number of independent project-based program - the inspiration and popular works of art, including Latin America and the Buddha popsicle Sautoir; flashing snake watches the location of the clock face fangs, and gold-plated necklace Nummarie al (assembly of the Roman coins have been around), which led to stir with a rich decoration brand skills.

Covering eight chapters, the exhibition Bvlgari weaving through the formation of a view - to pieces of their own design Bao - Art Deco through the decadent in 1920, the last bold statement Ecolly shape over the past 50 years.

From bvlgari jewellery

Shangri-La Collezione Liz Taylor will also be on display during the obscenely beyond the precious stones have a choice, and only Notre Dame Taylor, I can quit at any time. Richard Burton, in the usual style of a smart, vibrant passion that Taylor Bvlgari in 1963, claiming that ‘I introduced the beer liz, she briefed me on the Bvlgari.

From bvlgari jewellery

Bring together some of the most important moment in the jewelers’ glorious history, from history and the eternal is a kind of excessive as a result of Rome to celebrate the grand style, long-term approach to define the unique Bulgari, their art.

Monday, June 8

bvlgari 2009 fashion jewellery

BVLGARI Bulgari diamond engagement ring and marriage Block inlay style variety series, the most hard stones permanent seat in the beautiful setting shows rare beauty. These wedding ring the perfect combination of quality associated with different types of precious stones cut, cut from the classic to the most innovative design. Timeless classic Bvlgari jewel of innovation and style into one.
Corona ring series to a new interpretation of contemporary style, displaying the classic claw-Bvlgari B.Zeor.1 Dangling necklace with diamond

Bvlgari B.Zeor.1 Dangling necklace with diamond

style inlay Block: Block, closely set diamonds alone. The name of the series is reminiscent of diamond jewelry to unique design, inspired by this design comes from Corona shape (Italian: Corolla) and the gentle curve of the outline of flowers. These are ancient Rome's symbol of the wedding, the bride was wearing a white wedding dresses, covered with velarium flammeum (orange veil), the first Corolla wear fine, standing on the altar. With this series that matches the wedding ring is used platinum or gold material, and designed a perfect "V"-shaped contour arc and dense diamond-studded with diamond-studded styles to choose from. Series also includes the entire Corona pendant necklace, earrings and bracelets.Bvlgati Cicladi Ring silver

Bvlgati Cicladi Ring silver

Ring series Marryme bold bold design with architectural style characteristic of the perfect engagement ring to give the proportion of mature noble atmosphere. Block platinum and bright with a perfect diamond cutter to make a more brilliant diamond, wedding ring in the series have different sizes for customers to choose carats. This series includes classic style platinum and diamond or diamond-studded style secret wedding ring.Bvlgari Bulgari Inspired Astrale Ring gold

Bvlgari Bulgari Inspired Astrale Ring gold

Griffe ring series is an example of refined elegance, demonstrating the light of the natural diamond. Block set the perfect classic design to highlight the eye-catching single brilliant diamond, the more beautiful and dazzling diamond ring. The series of diamond jewelry by cutting a variety of ways for customers to select and shape, the shape of diamond-cutting include: circular, octagonal, oval, heart-shaped, pear-Bvlgari Astrale / Cerchi Earrings golden

Bvlgari Astrale / Cerchi Earrings golden

shaped, square, and Princess Margaret Lam pointed shape. In addition, the series also includes Charm jewelry, earrings and braceletBvlgari new style bracelet with five locks

Bvlgari new style bracelet with five locks

There are also many unique design of the classic series of the bride jewelry Bvlgari BVLGARI more colorful, and distinctive features of these designs with modern style. Square decorated with the subtle combination produced a more flexible and attractive luster - Lucea series was born. The series of elegant style wedding ring is platinum, the two square inlay pattern of diamonds from around the secret from, bring out the middle of a circular cut diamonds. Another central inlaid platinum wedding ring is a carat of diamonds inlaid around the side of two square cut diamonds.
Block set the perfect classic design to highlight the eye-catching single brilliant diamond, the more beautiful and dazzling diamond ring.Bvlgari Inspired Double Ring Necklace

Bvlgari Inspired Double Ring Necklace

Central B.zero1 series for a bright wedding ring cut diamond ring with a unique double Bvlgari logo, is the original novel, unique and modern engagement ring. B.zero1 single ring ring has become a classic wedding ring, which a total of three gold rings optional material.
BVLGARI jewelry B.zero1 design is to identify the highest degree, and this paragraph B.zero1 ring is not only a luxury version of the ring, but also a modern version of the new De Ding Qing quit.
Bvlgari BVLGARI bride unique series also includes the more elegant and charming design of delicate choice of styles.

Monday, June 1

Humphrey Bogart

Two minutes later, he strolled out of the Chopard store in Paris, doffed his hat and disappeared into the crowds.

'He was dressed extremely smartly in a suit and hat, just like Humphrey Bogart,' said a police spokesman. 'He was in his 50s, and looked pretty distinguished, with a cultured voice.'

Saturday's raid on Chopard - a favourite of Hollywood stars including Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz - was the latest in a long line of audacious jewellery robberies.

In December an armed gang dressed as pantomime dames got away with £80million worth of jewels from the nearby Harry Winston store. 

The culprits have never been caught, but suspicion fell on a gang known as the Pink Panthers, who have stolen up to £200million worth of goods in raids on some 120 jewellers around the world since their first in Mayfair in 2003.

On May 13 two alleged members of the gang were arrested in Paris on suspicion of carrying out armed smash-and-grab raids on stores in Monaco,  Switzerland and Germany.

Last Thursday Dusko Martinovic - a Montenegrin former soldier who is believed to be a member of the gang - was sentenced to 15 years in jail  for a Saint Tropez heist.

French police have described the group's crimes as 'lightning fast hold-ups: daring, but carefully planned down to smallest detail'.

Humphrey Bogart, star of the classic film Casablanca, wore a trademark fedora hat along with a bespoke suit in most of his films.

Jewellery made by Chopard, a Swiss firm, is worn by stars at high-profile events like the Oscars and  Cannes film festival.