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Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 1. The Golden Jubilee

Weight: 545.67 carats

Golden Jubilee DiamondThe Golden Jubilee, with the weight of 545.67 carats, is the largest faceted diamond in the world. Rough stone weighed 755 carats and was discovered in Premier mine,
bvlgari jewellery South Africa in 1985. The Golden Jubilee was presented to the King of Thailand in 1997 for his Golden Jubilee - the 50th anniversary of his coronation. Prior to this event, the stone was simply known as the Unnamed Brown. Estimated value of the Golden Jubilee is $4-$12 million.

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 2. The Cullinan I - aka the Star of Africa

Weight: 530.20 carats

Star of Africa DiamondThe Cullinan I, a pear shaped diamond weighing 530.20 carats is also known as the Star of Africa. It measures 53mm x 44mm x 29mm, and has 76 facets.
bvlgari jewellery It's called the Cullinan I because it is the largest of 9 large stones cut from the 3106 carat Cullinan Diamond. Cullinan I was placed by King Edward in the Sovereign's Royal Sceptre as part of the Crown Jewels, and it is now on display in the tower of London. Estimated value of Cullinan I is over $400 million!

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 3. The Incomparable

3. The Incomparable
Weight: 407.48 carats

Incomparable DiamondThe Incomparable, in its rough state weighing 890 carats, was found in the town of Mbuji Mayi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) in the 1980s. Four years were spent studying and then cutting the stone, the biggest piece of rough ultimately yielded a gem
bvlgari jewelleryweighing 407.48 carats; it is the third largest diamond ever cut. Internally flawless clarity and fancy brownish-yellow in color, it measures 53.90 × 35.19 × 28.18 mm.

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 4. The Cullinan II

Weight: 317.40 carats
bvlgari jewellery

The Cullinan II is the massive 317.40 carat cushion shaped diamond in the center-front of the Imperial State Crown of Great Britain. Cullinan II was cut from the largest gem-quality diamond ever found, it weighed 3106 carats, or about 1 1/3 pounds. It was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, who opened the mine and was visiting on that eventful day. The nine larger stones of the Cullinan diamond remain either in the British Crown Jewels or in the personal possession of the Royal Family.

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 5. The Spirit of de Grisogono

Weight: 312.24bvlgari jewellery

The Spirit of de Grisogono, at 312.24 carats, is the world's largest cut black diamond, and world's 5th largest diamond. In a white gold mounting, it is set with 702 white diamonds totaling 36.69 carats. This diamond originally had a rough weight of 587 carats and was mined several decades ago in west Central Africa before being imported into Switzerland.

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 6. The Centenary

The Centenary was found in Premier mine in 1986, in its rough form it weighed 599 carats. When cutting was completed the Centenary weighed 273.85 carats, measured 39.90 × 50.50 × 24.55 mm, and had 247 facets - 164 on the stone and 83 around its girdle. Never before had such a high number of facets been polished onto a diamond. The true value of the Centenary diamond is unknown, but the diamond was insured for around $100 million in 1991.bvlgari jewellery

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 7. The Jubilee

The Jubilee is a colorless cushion-shaped diamond with a weight of 245.35 carats. The original rough stone, an irregular octahedron without definite faces or shape weighed 650.80 carats and was found in the Jagersfontein Mine towards the end of 1895. When during the cutting it became evident that a superb diamond of exceptional purity and size was being produced, it was planned to present it to Queen Victoria. In the end this did not happen and the diamond remained with its owners. The following year marked the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria (the 75th anniversary of her coronation) so the gem was renamed the Jubilee to commemorate the occasion.bvlgari jewellery

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Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 8. The De Beers

Weight: 234.65 carats

De Beers DiamondThe De Beers diamond was found in Kimberly mines in 1888, the rough stone weighed 428.50 carats and measured 47.6 mm through its longest axis and 38.1 mm square. Weighing 234.65 carats, the De Beers is the 8th largest faceted diamond in the world. After its display in Paris the Maharaja of Patiala bought the De Beers. In 1928 Cartier of Paris set it as the centerpiece of a ceremonial necklace that came to be known as the Patiala Necklace. The necklace originally contained about 2,930 diamonds weighing about 962.25 carats. Today's whereabouts of the De Beers diamond and the Patiala Nacklace is unknown.bvlgari jewellery

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 9. The Red Cross

Weight: 205.07 carats

The Red Cross is canary yellow cushion-shaped diamond with weight of 205.07 carats. The rough stone weighed 375 carats and was found in Kimberly mines (South Africa) in 1901. The diamond was presented as a gift to the art sale held in London by Christies in 1918, on behalf of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St. John. Another rare feature is that a Maltese Cross is distinctly visible in the top facet, hence the double appropriateness of its name, the Red Cross Diamond.
bvlgari jewellery

Largest Diamonds in the World --NO 10. The Millennium Star

Weight: 203.04 carats

Millennium Star DiamondThe Millennium Star is internally and externally flawless pear-shaped diamond (total of 54 facets). With the weight of 203.04 carats it is the 10th largest diamond in the world. Originally, the rough stone was 777 carats found in the Mbuji-Mayi district of Zaire (Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1990. After 5 months of studying and planning the cutting of the stone, it was decided to cut the rough diamond into three pieces.bvlgari jewellery
The Millennium Star is the outcome of the largest piece. The value of the stone hasn't been revealed but the Millennium Star was insured for 100 million English pounds, this is believed to be a fraction of its true worth.

Life can not leave beautiful things

"Life can not leave beautiful things" - president Paolo Bulgari

Italy from the world's top jewelry brands BVLGARI, was born 140 years, with its bold design, unique style of world-famous, the field of jewelry in the world established a leading position.

In 1879, Greece in Timor Opel silversmith Ecolly Faso (Sotirio Bulgari) Italy Trinita de Monti sales silverware, soon after the Via Sistina opened the first shop. In 1905, he moved to Via dei Condotti shop on the 10th Street, BVLGARI top boutiques in Rome, the official opening, until today still BVLGARI historic flagship store.

Bvlgari shine the light of Rome a hundred years (Photo)

Founder of Bulgari

In 1932, demand in Europe Timor's two sons Giorgio (Giorgio) and costain Tarantino (Costantino) inherited his father's will the enthusiasm of precious stones and jewelry to the cause of betting. BVLGARI history during World War II to become an important turning point in the design beyond the French strict code of academic integration of classical Greece and Rome, and the essence of Italian Renaissance and 19th century goldsmith school of Roman forms, create BVLGARI unique style. Since then, BVLGARI watch launch, perfume and various accessories, decades, BVLGARI in boutiques around the world have opened the world has more than 155 boutiques.

Bvlgari shine the light of Rome a hundred years (Photo)

Hollywood actress Nicole - Kidman

BVLGARI jewelry - the temptation to gloss jewel

BVLGARI jewelry reflected a strong classical style of Greece and Italy, with particular emphasis on colored gemstones in jewelry of the importance that the "color" is the essence of its design, this "colorful" tradition can be traced back to the Renaissance, when the ornaments a "free use of color, color bold" characteristics.

BVLGARI each product by the world's best designers and artists, reminiscent of the Renaissance in the small studio as a caring, professional and completed the dedication. BVLGARI emphasis on innovation, is the first to replace platinum as the high price of pure gold jewelry brand base.

BVLGARI High Jewelry series is a tour around the world store BVLGARI jewelry display best series, these elegant jewelry is Rome, Paris and New York's top jewelry manufacturers with the most rare precious stones to create a full range of products.

BVLGARI classic collection from 20's century, series of 2-80's about 40 unique works of jewelry, of which every jewelry, are sold again after being acquired in various ways BVLGARI back and be on show, these out-of-print showed the BVLGARI jewelry jewelry styles in the decades long process of evolution.

Bulgari Ginza Tower

Bulgari Ginza Tower sitting on top of the Italian air garden, drink a glass of white wine Passito di Pantelleria, watching the night will be 1:01 at night in Tokyo, but dreams gorgeous stained. The vase on the table in full bloom in the Mediterranean style of rosemary, sage and lavender, and Kobe beef mixed with the smell of pine mushroom Norcia is never far away from drift.
Bulgari Ginza Tower real Tower of Babel

Bulgari Ginza Tower

Po Greta with the height of 56 meters and a unique architectural style has become embedded in Ginza, the world's most expensive lot, a bright jewel.

"In Japan, a very mature market, providing products that have not, they need is a complete solution," Francesco Trapani explained confidently, "We design buildings in the Ginza, a lot of things, I hope to allow people to experience Italian tradition of excellence, as well as life Bulgari. "as the Group CEO, Bulgari in recent years the rapid expansion of the international credit Francesco absolutely unavoidable.

Just near the opening of the "treasure Greta", with 56 meters height and a unique architectural style has become embedded in Ginza, the world's most expensive lot, a bright jewel. 940 square meters of retail space there is no suspense to make it the world's largest Bulgari first flagship store. And a month before, Bvlgari Omotesando flagship store has just opened the door but also welcoming.

Building design to jewel box for inspiration, and then the same as the diamond-studded 10 huge display window embedded in the whole of the surrounding buildings. This is in accordance with the age of 10 windows, displaying the history of Bulgari design of an important period of 10 classic works. "We set up a museum-class' Ginza Building collections' open to the guests, including the 4th century BC Roman coins made of antique necklace, Bulgari ring, top watch, as well as the only shop in the exclusive Bulgari Ginza Top accessories sales. "Francesco familiar to introduce the Road.

The entire building is divided into 10 layers, 1 layer selling jewelry and watches; 2 layer Monopoly accessories; 3 layer for the bride and VIP VIP Room Sharon; 4 layer watches and jewelry with the composition of the after-sales service department technicians; 5,6 , 7-storey headquarters for Bulgari Japan. Of course, the biggest thing is to have its own independent entrance and private elevator up to 3-storey building located in the Il Ristorante Bar. It is still the Queen Bvlgari architect Antonio wrote, design fully reflects the Apennine peninsula, elegant, graceful and happy life of belief. The entire bar by Bvlgari restaurants, lounges and sky gardens of the Bulgari hotel to be responsible for operations, that is able to provide and Il Ristorante Milano Bulgari Hotels and Resorts in Bali the same standards of service and operations.

Senior Chef Michele delicacy Italian cuisine is fascinating, but I am afraid of inviting more people to master Miura Naoki chocolate or hand-made chocolates. Sicilian oranges, Sorrento lemon, white wine Pant Leiria, Chen Qu ⋯ ⋯ truffles patrons can savor the same as tasting the rich chocolate taste of these masterpieces.

Material filling in the times of ancient Babylon, the quest for pleasure, some will yearn for Hanging Gardens of Paradise, so I hope the construction of the Babel Tower of Babel. Angry God, so that the people speaking different languages, it is therefore unable to communicate, to build the aspirations of Babel is also ultimately failed. Today, in downtown Tokyo, in this high air garden, from all over the world people speak a different language, the ancient Babylonians as if the dream be realized in this moment.

Bvlgari's history

From world-renowned Italian jewelry-Bvlgari, was born 140 years, with its bold design, unique style is well-known celebrities around the world to be the hot pursuit, the royal family has been noble, Movie Star of all ages.
Bulgari family originated from Greece, has been deeply rooted in the classical Greek tradition, but it is under the influence of Roman culture has been carried forward. In Greek and Roman civilization, inspired by inspiration (for example, patterns in the use of modern decoration in ancient Greece and ancient Rome as a decorative pattern of the coin) under, Bvlgari design has experienced unprecedented prosperity. This has become a trademark Bvlgari most significant part of most stirring, it is not fully reflected in the prominent over the past Bvlgari, Bvlgari has made to maintain the vitality of the ambition of their cultural heritage had been met.
Every BVLGARI works have infiltrated the spirit of excellence. Outstanding fine, the pursuit of absolute high quality, are the characteristics of each product, keep making progress. Beyond the self.

Bulgari family history can be traced back to the last century. Greek silversmith 1881 Baojia Osorio (Sotirio Bulgari) came to Italy, and in 1884 opened the first shop, shop shortly thereafter moved to Via dei Condotti street on the 10th, this place is still the location of company headquarters. Sotirios's two sons, George (Giorgio) and Costantino (Costantino) to expand the family business from a variety of silver jewelry and Bvlgari brand name change in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo, etc. overseas companies to set up and set up in Switzerland, Bvlgari watch company, and later, perfume has also become one of Bvlgari products.

Bvlgari jewelry reflects the strong classical style of Greece and Italy. Jewelry School in Rome and the Italian Renaissance to create this style of finish. Each inspired jewelry in the first after germination, but also designers and craftsmen through the carefully crafted, resulting in a lot of jewelry in the classic, such as Celtic-style Trica Series, embodies the natural forms of Naturalia series, First there will be ceramics, gold and precious stones combine the new Chandra series.

Bvlgari store the internal decoration of jewelry with them about the same. Exposure to them, people can feel that the quest for a perfect Bvlgari style. Via dei Condotti is located on the 10th Street, after renovation of the headquarters, but the brand has always been aesthetic standards - consistent. To open stores around the world also in the decoration to maintain the same style.

Bvlgari jewelry that customers in the Kingdom of the members of the royal family, politicians, there are Movie Star. These people is perhaps the most famous Italian movie star Sophia Loren, she was once a spokesman for the image of Bvlgar jewelry - Bvlgari and hence been able to establish the image of its products have become coveted treasures of many people. There have been almost crazy example: Several of the Princess Margaret Rome Bvlgari jewelry in order to get at the cost of using the territory as a quid pro quo.
Founder: Sotirio Bvlgari
Design style: bold unique, distinguished classical.