Friday, May 8

Dupont lighter

The company adventured in agriculture research, and in everything related to seeds improvement and scientific food supervision. The statement of a DuPont's executive foresees the next change, "DuPont does not longer match the traditional definition of chemical company.Dupont lighter )Our company is based on discoveries." Research and development efforts reached fields such as electronic products, and a diverse group of "life sciences": molecular biology, virology, pharmaceutics and agriculture nt boosted discoveries in biology, genetics and medicine.

The United States (US) needed gun powder manufactured locally, and E. I. observed that the process could be improved, as he found failures in almost the whole production process. He said to his father, "These competitors will not be considerable." (Dupont lighter)The du Ponts gathered some capital, bought equipment and, on July 19, 1802, founded E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company.

DuPont's product exceeded the quality of its national competitors for many reasons which already held the DuPont(Dupont lighter) hallmark in business organization: the company had stringent standards, used the most advance technology and production methods; and had an efficient business administration strategy. These advantages should be based on stable and well trained workers � the employee training and retention system resulting from the long term vision of E. I.

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