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bvlgari Allegra jewellery

bvlgari Allegra features is a strong color contrast, novel ideas, while adhering to the Bvlgari tradition of bold colors. Amethyst, blue topaz, citrine, pink, green tourmaline and other colored gemstones, pearls, diamonds and other materials, so that the whole family dynamic.
bvlgari jewellery
Gold material, with citrine, cordierite, pink and green tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, blue topaz, pearls, diamonds. Perfect color match, bright extraordinary. The shiny, bright different jewelry often makes people in this age overwhelmed. This is like Vanity Fair's Golden Age often you confused, but eventually you will still enjoy simple, pure life, which is why the style simple, elegant jewellery will unfolds why. Reporter to recommend to you three classic jewellery styles for your share in this festival.
bvlgari jewellery
Bvlgari's Elisia series use a multi-faceted oval and cut to create a gentle curve Bvlgari, outstanding color effects, and geometric proportions, especially for mature women wearing elegant. Bvlgari introduced Elisia series, is from 70 years to re-interpretation of antique works, add new element after the redesign. Vintage Bvlgari is often of enormous size and Elisia series is more charming delicate. Although the extensive use of both oval cut gems and rich colors, but Elisia twisted rope pattern with color enamel, thus broadening the color combination, adding the change. bvlgari jewellery

Elisia family Bvlgari to platinum and gold with enamel, coral, mother of pearl and a variety of colored gemstones and diamonds as the main material. Done on the elliptical shape more delicate modern aesthetic treatment, oval to be stretched, and the location of the point in the golden section and then soft oval inlaid precious stones, or red coral, deep emerald, or carved diamonds, fresh Sapphire, oval and multi-faceted use of cutting to create a gentle curve rich Bvlgari, and outsiders thin gold or platinum ring connected to the ultimate glamorous bright, outstanding color performance and geometric ratio, displaying rich women temperament. Will also beautiful and vigorous than the original line was revised to be more slender and modern, adding a sweet and charming and meticulous style.
bvlgari jewellery
With a proposal: If you have a Elisia, then a major occasion in the future do not need to worry about, full of feminine Bvlgari series, add to your charm. Bvlgari B.zero1 colored gemstone series Will be gradually introduced in the luxury brand's top series, though distant, but used to enjoy may well be a kind of close contact with the pro way. Let us see how these big-name "will be carried out in the end luxury."
" has become the object of my personal opening introduction, the most important reason is that it's a bold mix in the material, which is unmatched by other brands. By the following picture, we feel a magnificent world of jewelry.
Over the past century has been the city of Rome has been the modern view of art timeless beauty. Bold mix of materials, eye-catching unique design and detailed technology, creative achievements of extraordinary treasure Gregory jewelry.
To posters first, the pictures show the essence of Bvlgari brand, fabulous! B.zero1 Jewelry Series Adds witty interpretation. Clever use of exquisite decorative elements that form a unique expressive B.zero1 double helix, but because of yellow / platinum diamond inlaid colored stones and secret combinations, even more vivid, creating a richly varied, interesting jewelry. Peridot, amethyst, blue topaz, citrine and garnet color outlines the unique combination of beautiful, vivid essence of a brand new series.
bvlgari jewellery With a proposal: both cute girl style, there are gems of dazzling brilliance, so that you suddenly vibrant spirit of many, this is the peculiar magic of colored gemstones. During the interview, is the manager several times the recommended range, there are many preferences in Chengdu were.
Parentesi Series Parentesi series interpretation of the complete Bvlgari's unique style. It is the essence of the classic signs of the use of in-depth research and fashion. The use of creative combinations, repeated elements, modular design for the jewelry to add vitality to bring beautiful design comeback. It abandoned the design in the past, the line, keep the real defining characteristic of the old pattern. Today, with Bvlgari's absolute attention to detail, Parentesi rediscover their own fashion applications.
bvlgari jewelleryComeback style evolution, emphasizing elements of a single module, bold and elegant soft. The new definition of the jewels of the hollow structure of this new series, to add bold and modern Parentesi sign interpretation. bvlgari jewelleryThe brand identity as a design element of caution and clear application, highlighting the pure outline. Platinum or gold for the different sizes of rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces. Simple and elegant earring or earrings to create a golden highlights, Parentesi crocheted designs by the semi-rim and all mutual and diamond against the background and to outline. Extremely rare, can be converted, versatile pendant can be transformed into two bracelets, a regularly alternating Parentesi fine details as the subtle light, capturing the reflection. bvlgari jewelleryAlternating between the rafts inlaid precious stones, in contrast, on the line to be highlighted, so the design is more gentle. Diamond results highlight the contours of the clear light and shade. Accessories are available with a single piece, while transformation of gold, platinum and diamond color, with unusual combination of luxury, to enhance the expression of style.bvlgari jewellery

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