Monday, May 10

BVLGARI 125 anniversary in the name of charity

The relationship between charity and the brand has always been close, the influence of the former and the latter the total financial resources in the most perfect posture together. Recently, coincides with the BVLGARI 125 anniversary of the founding, this set of dazzling jewellery in a well-known brands to take this opportunity to work with Save the Children co-sponsored a large-scale public projects children's education, "rewrite the future." BVLGARI also invited the stars attending the gala dinner held in Beijing, hand in hand to complete this wonderful charitable wishes.bvlgari jewellery
125 years for a brand is regarded as a very long time. However, for BVLGARI, time, recoil and did not give it too trite ideas, but all the more timeless. Production from jewellery design to color the essence of a round convex then to replace the multiple facets gem stones innovations, this "modern classic" nature of the demands of increasingly BVLGARI. Breakthrough in the constant pursuit of the cumulative reputation of the brand, the charity was incorporated for the development of a BVLGARI an integral part.
The evening of July 10, Beijing Art Museum within the star-studded, BVLGARI, Mr. Francesco Trapani, CEO of Save the Children and Project Director, Mr. Zhao Zhonghua in China together with hundreds of guests were welcome to come to 125 anniversary of the festival. The charity has always been to spare no effort to invite, including BVLGARI Mei, Li Xiaolu, Huang Doudou, Zhang Zi Lin, Ma Yanli, Olympic champion Yang Yang, including more than 400 guests attended the event star, hoping to appeal to the public, together the world's children education rights. The star addition to participating in the feast that night outside, but also for the Save the Children to take a portrait. Photo of each celebrity makeup Su Yan light, the hands are wearing ring 125 anniversary limited edition charity. bvlgari jewellery
Simple background and clothing are out of stirring power transmission. And Zhang Jing This group includes IsabellaRossellini, Ben Stiller, Ronaldinho, Jason Lewis, Sandy Lam, Karena Lam, and Kelly Lin celebrity photos, including 33 well-known photographer, is the Italian Fabrizio Ferri. bvlgari jewellery
The Fabrizio Ferri flew in Beijing attend the ceremony, capturing the language obligation to support public service projects BVLGARI. In celebration of the site also specifically designated the area for everyone appreciate Star portraits.bvlgari jewellery

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