Friday, March 26

bvlgari jewellery-- Brand History memory

Italy's bvlgari, Cartier, following France and the United States after the world's third largest Tiffany jewellery brands. The brand from Greece, the founder of Sauty Rio Erjia Li Epirus region of Greece, a silversmith. In 1879, Sotirios his family emigrated to Italy, Naples, Rome, 1884, he opened a silver shop, specialized for sale exquisite silver sculpture.
By the early 20th century, Sotirios's two sons have grown up, they began to keen on making gemstone
jewellery. Following the lead of his father to study business sense for many years after the brothers finally took over completely in 1930 the family trade, and began to carefully build their jewellery kingdom.
The early years of the 20th century, in the jewelry industry in America and Europe, to French-style, the most prevalent,
jewellery selection of themes and materials have certain rules. To the last century 40's, bvlgari from Italy took the lead to break this tradition. It is in the jewellery production in order to design the essence of color, originality, using a variety of different colors to mix and match gems, and then use a different material from the base, to highlight the dazzling gem colors. To make a more complete gem colors, Bvlgari jewellery in its first use of a semi-precious stones such as coral, amethyst, tourmaline, topaz, olivine and so on. Bvlgari product color is rich, and often spectacular.

To make colored gemstone
jewellery created on the soft, rounded feel bvlgari popular in the East began to consider improving the round convex cutting method, in order to replace the multi-round Cabochon cut side stones. This was the traditionaljewellery trends for Europe and the United States can be regarded as a has-impact innovations. In addition, bvlgari created a heart-shaped gem cut method, and many other unique mosaic novel shapes, which was amazing move. In fact, today, these have gradually developed into jewellery production standard.

40 years since the last century began,
bvlgari into diversified stages of development, launched a fine watch as a fashion accessory, and with the jewellery, silverware series for third-line development. After World War II, in order to meet the diverse needs of life when people, bvlgari make persistent efforts to expand the scope of its fine to glasses, leather goods, perfume, porcelain and other products. But even today, bvlgari has also been to retain the form of workshop production, which makes his works of art with exquisite hand-flu, arts and crafts both a deep breath, have a high collectible value.

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