Wednesday, June 17

Star celebrity favorite jewelry Cartier Trinity-1

Cartier Inspired double rings bracelet gold - Click Image to Close
Beginning of the twentieth century, Trinity was born the beginning of history has become a classic jewelry treasures. Three-ring connected to the expression of friendship between platinum, gold symbolizes loyalty, love rose gold interpretations - Trinity introverted but intrinsic simplicity of the design of meaningful, it has become the history of Cartier classic synonymous with long-lasting, but also as the world's most One of the famous rings. After 85 set, Trinity and then that handed down the split for a new look to a series of re-interpretation of the immortal classical works, played the "Cartier Trinity was" a prelude.

Trinity: the classical heritage

Continuation of the legend and the myth of Trinity, Trinity works carried on the new neoclassical style aesthetic, but also for tri-color ring into a more agile and more modern of the emotional connotation of personality - tri-color light swaying posture of Health, quietly describe: the love, is a non-paying, life-long responsibility to protect; friendship is a life-sharing, shared commitments; loyalty, is the trials and hardships, a firm dedicated recourse. This blend of three beautiful melodies out of the picture of life, but also records for each person under the personal growth process. Carries on the love, friendship and loyalty based, Trinity sounds out the story of the growth of each, representing the specific expression of your personality.

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