Monday, June 22

Dior launched a new purple Purple Rubber watch crystal diamond

Purple Rubber
Following the drilling Dior crystal rubber sheet series, following the spring 2008 launch of the most eye-catching red charm with the classic blue, the new 2009 drilling Purple Rubber watch crystal violet was also a grand debut. When the rubber strap is given vitality purple luxury, the kind of personality beyond the self into the bottom of my heart the moment. Whether in the passion, the movement of hot or party in the ultimate luxury, it is the envy of all the eye-catching focal point. "Purple, the color of the King" - christian Dior Only when you really into purple world, you can understand why it has become the favorite color Dior. Purple, is the fashion world in 2009 the main color. Purple is the crystallization of the red and blue. When the active and passive red blue met, the enthusiasm and Cold fusion in an instant, transform the most brilliant eye-catching purple. Its blood flow with two distinct but highly compatible forces,heart of the gas market, people can not help in such detail in the temptation to indulge extravagant. Dior Purple Crystal Diamond Table Series You ran here reflected the Dior christal Purple Rubber watch, as a charming and elegant companion, gently on the wrist,the comfort of fine light touch of the vibrant avant-garde and fashion design, so that the purple of the most unlimited potential. Purple new extended 38mm chronograph rubber legendary success, fully Dior purple flowing style and charm. In the following drilling Dior christal Amethyst crystal amethyst jewelry watches after the success of high-level, in the continuation of purple Dior watch in legend, with the fall 2009 Dior clothing series complement each other, with the High order brand Dior same spirit.
 Senior Dior jewelry watches christal Purple Rubber 38mm Purple Crystal Diamond Chronograph, table inlaid ring of 76 crystal Diamond pure, unique pyramid-shaped diamond-cutting technology for other shows with the three-dimensional sense of the fine. Especially when drought limits leisurely charm of the dial here, radiates with stunning color, so that people forget in a trance in the boundaries of time. US-14 to perfect purple sapphire crystal embellishment which add radiance to each other, full of the most noble and elegant temperament. Pure purple high-precision rubber sheet also mounted onto a square of a row of purple sapphire crystal, show its new luxury style of movement. Dior watches have the rubber strap industry-leading technology, fully demonstrated the perfect combination of different materials of the charm, the unique three-tier folding buckle Sapphire firmly locked, the strong quality assurance experience will definitely give you the most safe and comfortable fun sport. Dior christal Purple Rubber fine watch will be the ultimate fusion of the Miao-like connotations of the richest colors, and create a purely perfect harmony. Mysterious and romantic Purple Rubber, will always be your best choice for self-shining.

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  1. All collection of your jewelry are unique ans stylish. Lovely piece of jewelry.