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Between Eternity and History by Bulgari

From bvlgari jewellery

20, in a series of magnificent typical Roman, the first by restrospective jeweler Bulgari hosted an open background, the famous Roman palace Dell Esposizioni.

Exhibition, the history and the eternal, announced earlier in the evening, followed by dinner sparkling Custer St. Angel (or Hadrian’s tomb).

From bvlgari jewellery

BVLGARI rings 125
See more from the exhibition sumptous Bulgari archives

The activities of sparkling live guests, including Gina Lollobrigida, a brilliant Chloe Sevigny and some members of Italy’s main family dynasty, including Fendi Rainey, Saint Dominic Versace and Missoni all Margerita - provides an appropriate tribute to the decadent, 125 years of eternal body jewelry design from Italy.

Sotaris set up by the Greek goldsmith help in 1884, the man behind the brand was later changed his name in an appropriate nod to his inspiration for the design of Latin America. Bvlgari after birth, and the advantages of Bulgari, jewelers began to advantage.

There are many choices of watches,bvlgari rings,chokers,bvlgari bracelets and bvlgari earrings(of which many of the same covetable items) are on display in the palace, taken mainly from the Bulgari archives of the library - use a variety of works with all types of private owners.

Of course there are a number of independent project-based program - the inspiration and popular works of art, including Latin America and the Buddha popsicle Sautoir; flashing snake watches the location of the clock face fangs, and gold-plated necklace Nummarie al (assembly of the Roman coins have been around), which led to stir with a rich decoration brand skills.

Covering eight chapters, the exhibition Bvlgari weaving through the formation of a view - to pieces of their own design Bao - Art Deco through the decadent in 1920, the last bold statement Ecolly shape over the past 50 years.

From bvlgari jewellery

Shangri-La Collezione Liz Taylor will also be on display during the obscenely beyond the precious stones have a choice, and only Notre Dame Taylor, I can quit at any time. Richard Burton, in the usual style of a smart, vibrant passion that Taylor Bvlgari in 1963, claiming that ‘I introduced the beer liz, she briefed me on the Bvlgari.

From bvlgari jewellery

Bring together some of the most important moment in the jewelers’ glorious history, from history and the eternal is a kind of excessive as a result of Rome to celebrate the grand style, long-term approach to define the unique Bulgari, their art.

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