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Life can not leave beautiful things

"Life can not leave beautiful things" - president Paolo Bulgari

Italy from the world's top jewelry brands BVLGARI, was born 140 years, with its bold design, unique style of world-famous, the field of jewelry in the world established a leading position.

In 1879, Greece in Timor Opel silversmith Ecolly Faso (Sotirio Bulgari) Italy Trinita de Monti sales silverware, soon after the Via Sistina opened the first shop. In 1905, he moved to Via dei Condotti shop on the 10th Street, BVLGARI top boutiques in Rome, the official opening, until today still BVLGARI historic flagship store.

Bvlgari shine the light of Rome a hundred years (Photo)

Founder of Bulgari

In 1932, demand in Europe Timor's two sons Giorgio (Giorgio) and costain Tarantino (Costantino) inherited his father's will the enthusiasm of precious stones and jewelry to the cause of betting. BVLGARI history during World War II to become an important turning point in the design beyond the French strict code of academic integration of classical Greece and Rome, and the essence of Italian Renaissance and 19th century goldsmith school of Roman forms, create BVLGARI unique style. Since then, BVLGARI watch launch, perfume and various accessories, decades, BVLGARI in boutiques around the world have opened the world has more than 155 boutiques.

Bvlgari shine the light of Rome a hundred years (Photo)

Hollywood actress Nicole - Kidman

BVLGARI jewelry - the temptation to gloss jewel

BVLGARI jewelry reflected a strong classical style of Greece and Italy, with particular emphasis on colored gemstones in jewelry of the importance that the "color" is the essence of its design, this "colorful" tradition can be traced back to the Renaissance, when the ornaments a "free use of color, color bold" characteristics.

BVLGARI each product by the world's best designers and artists, reminiscent of the Renaissance in the small studio as a caring, professional and completed the dedication. BVLGARI emphasis on innovation, is the first to replace platinum as the high price of pure gold jewelry brand base.

BVLGARI High Jewelry series is a tour around the world store BVLGARI jewelry display best series, these elegant jewelry is Rome, Paris and New York's top jewelry manufacturers with the most rare precious stones to create a full range of products.

BVLGARI classic collection from 20's century, series of 2-80's about 40 unique works of jewelry, of which every jewelry, are sold again after being acquired in various ways BVLGARI back and be on show, these out-of-print showed the BVLGARI jewelry jewelry styles in the decades long process of evolution.

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