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Bvlgari's history

From world-renowned Italian jewelry-Bvlgari, was born 140 years, with its bold design, unique style is well-known celebrities around the world to be the hot pursuit, the royal family has been noble, Movie Star of all ages.
Bulgari family originated from Greece, has been deeply rooted in the classical Greek tradition, but it is under the influence of Roman culture has been carried forward. In Greek and Roman civilization, inspired by inspiration (for example, patterns in the use of modern decoration in ancient Greece and ancient Rome as a decorative pattern of the coin) under, Bvlgari design has experienced unprecedented prosperity. This has become a trademark Bvlgari most significant part of most stirring, it is not fully reflected in the prominent over the past Bvlgari, Bvlgari has made to maintain the vitality of the ambition of their cultural heritage had been met.
Every BVLGARI works have infiltrated the spirit of excellence. Outstanding fine, the pursuit of absolute high quality, are the characteristics of each product, keep making progress. Beyond the self.

Bulgari family history can be traced back to the last century. Greek silversmith 1881 Baojia Osorio (Sotirio Bulgari) came to Italy, and in 1884 opened the first shop, shop shortly thereafter moved to Via dei Condotti street on the 10th, this place is still the location of company headquarters. Sotirios's two sons, George (Giorgio) and Costantino (Costantino) to expand the family business from a variety of silver jewelry and Bvlgari brand name change in New York, Geneva, Monte Carlo, etc. overseas companies to set up and set up in Switzerland, Bvlgari watch company, and later, perfume has also become one of Bvlgari products.

Bvlgari jewelry reflects the strong classical style of Greece and Italy. Jewelry School in Rome and the Italian Renaissance to create this style of finish. Each inspired jewelry in the first after germination, but also designers and craftsmen through the carefully crafted, resulting in a lot of jewelry in the classic, such as Celtic-style Trica Series, embodies the natural forms of Naturalia series, First there will be ceramics, gold and precious stones combine the new Chandra series.

Bvlgari store the internal decoration of jewelry with them about the same. Exposure to them, people can feel that the quest for a perfect Bvlgari style. Via dei Condotti is located on the 10th Street, after renovation of the headquarters, but the brand has always been aesthetic standards - consistent. To open stores around the world also in the decoration to maintain the same style.

Bvlgari jewelry that customers in the Kingdom of the members of the royal family, politicians, there are Movie Star. These people is perhaps the most famous Italian movie star Sophia Loren, she was once a spokesman for the image of Bvlgar jewelry - Bvlgari and hence been able to establish the image of its products have become coveted treasures of many people. There have been almost crazy example: Several of the Princess Margaret Rome Bvlgari jewelry in order to get at the cost of using the territory as a quid pro quo.
Founder: Sotirio Bvlgari
Design style: bold unique, distinguished classical.

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