Tuesday, April 28

Bulgari Ginza Tower

Bulgari Ginza Tower sitting on top of the Italian air garden, drink a glass of white wine Passito di Pantelleria, watching the night will be 1:01 at night in Tokyo, but dreams gorgeous stained. The vase on the table in full bloom in the Mediterranean style of rosemary, sage and lavender, and Kobe beef mixed with the smell of pine mushroom Norcia is never far away from drift.
Bulgari Ginza Tower real Tower of Babel

Bulgari Ginza Tower

Po Greta with the height of 56 meters and a unique architectural style has become embedded in Ginza, the world's most expensive lot, a bright jewel.

"In Japan, a very mature market, providing products that have not, they need is a complete solution," Francesco Trapani explained confidently, "We design buildings in the Ginza, a lot of things, I hope to allow people to experience Italian tradition of excellence, as well as life Bulgari. "as the Group CEO, Bulgari in recent years the rapid expansion of the international credit Francesco absolutely unavoidable.

Just near the opening of the "treasure Greta", with 56 meters height and a unique architectural style has become embedded in Ginza, the world's most expensive lot, a bright jewel. 940 square meters of retail space there is no suspense to make it the world's largest Bulgari first flagship store. And a month before, Bvlgari Omotesando flagship store has just opened the door but also welcoming.

Building design to jewel box for inspiration, and then the same as the diamond-studded 10 huge display window embedded in the whole of the surrounding buildings. This is in accordance with the age of 10 windows, displaying the history of Bulgari design of an important period of 10 classic works. "We set up a museum-class' Ginza Building collections' open to the guests, including the 4th century BC Roman coins made of antique necklace, Bulgari ring, top watch, as well as the only shop in the exclusive Bulgari Ginza Top accessories sales. "Francesco familiar to introduce the Road.

The entire building is divided into 10 layers, 1 layer selling jewelry and watches; 2 layer Monopoly accessories; 3 layer for the bride and VIP VIP Room Sharon; 4 layer watches and jewelry with the composition of the after-sales service department technicians; 5,6 , 7-storey headquarters for Bulgari Japan. Of course, the biggest thing is to have its own independent entrance and private elevator up to 3-storey building located in the Il Ristorante Bar. It is still the Queen Bvlgari architect Antonio wrote, design fully reflects the Apennine peninsula, elegant, graceful and happy life of belief. The entire bar by Bvlgari restaurants, lounges and sky gardens of the Bulgari hotel to be responsible for operations, that is able to provide and Il Ristorante Milano Bulgari Hotels and Resorts in Bali the same standards of service and operations.

Senior Chef Michele delicacy Italian cuisine is fascinating, but I am afraid of inviting more people to master Miura Naoki chocolate or hand-made chocolates. Sicilian oranges, Sorrento lemon, white wine Pant Leiria, Chen Qu ⋯ ⋯ truffles patrons can savor the same as tasting the rich chocolate taste of these masterpieces.

Material filling in the times of ancient Babylon, the quest for pleasure, some will yearn for Hanging Gardens of Paradise, so I hope the construction of the Babel Tower of Babel. Angry God, so that the people speaking different languages, it is therefore unable to communicate, to build the aspirations of Babel is also ultimately failed. Today, in downtown Tokyo, in this high air garden, from all over the world people speak a different language, the ancient Babylonians as if the dream be realized in this moment.

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