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Bulgari Brilliant Jewelry history

"Diamonds are the best friend of girls." Marilyn Monroe, once quipped. The film of many stars that have been adorned with beautiful jewellry Bvlgari surely would agree.
Below is a clip of beautiful Bvlgari
jewellry, from writing tools to extravagant necklaces ... click play button twice to see!
Italy's largest jeweler,
Bvlgari jewellry came from humble roots. Its founder, Soutirios, came from the tiny Greek village Kallarrytes in the area of Epirus, near the Albanian border. The son of a family of goldsmiths, was Soutirios ambitious than its predecessors.
When he started his business, this area was still ruled by the Ottomans and these were very difficult times. The area was affected by the fighting and looting. A Soutirios day he returned home from a right and who was stripped of everything, including her clothes.
Bvlgari jewellry
When the Russians and the Turks went to war in the Balkans and silver trade collapsed, Soutirios decided to leave.
Bvlgari jewellry
At first he settled in Corfu, but was then advised to go to Italy, where his business could be even more success.
It opened a store in Naples, but became disillusioned after he was robbed, and left again. This time decided Soutirios to address the capital Rome, where they sell their silverware from a small post on the Via Sistina.
Bvlgari jewellry
Soutirios also decided to pursue the exclusive commerce in St. Moritz, the beautiful mountain resort favored by the rich. He worked many long hours in the summers designing and making your silver jewelry.
Bvlgari jewellry

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