Monday, July 13

The history of the legendary jeweler of the emperor 1


Figure 9:1928 main state Yadavindra Singh of India to wear a set of de Beers diamond necklace.


Figure 10: India maharaja of Patiala necklace state was restored in the photography studio Cartier: N. Hoeppe.


The beginning of the 20th century from, Louis Cartier from Egypt, Persia, the Far East and the Russian Ballet (the Ballets russes) inspiration for some of the design and style into the more geometric patterns and abstract designs. In 1906, they began the rich color and a number of new materials such as onyx, coral, etc. into the design, and the formation of a new artistic style. This style of art held in Paris in 1925 international modern decorative arts and craft exhibitions, the as the "decorative arts" (Art Deco), from well known and leading contemporary art and fashion trend. In 1912 and Louis Cartier watchmaker Maurice Couet outstanding together starting in 1850 with the formation of Roubert Houdin about principle, Cartier created the "Magic Charm" clock. One of the most beautiful work is a gateway to six minutes and 12 minutes in China. These minutes for Cartier extraordinary significance, and praise is priceless watches sector.

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